Our Team

Melanie Hesketh

Owner and Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Since becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in 2009, Melanie’s main focus areas are Weight Management, Live Cell Analysis, Biofeedback Therapy, and stress reduction for emotions, digestion, allergies, pain, and detoxification. She is Windsor/Essex County’s FIRST Certified Metabolic Balance® Coach, Europe’s #1 natural weight loss program.

Aside from assisting clients in Windsor, Ontario, she also proudly offers distance coaching across Canada.

​​​She works passionately with clients to improve their nutritional and emotional well-being. Her goal is to help educate, inspire, and motivate clients to achieve abundant health.

Emily Grammatico

Assistant and Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Hi, My name is Emily, I am a registered holistic nutritionist, and I have been working in the wellness field since 2015.
I offer Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis at Solera. I believe Mineral Balancing is a powerful tool in addressing root causes of dysfunction in the body, and offers a world of information we can use to develop individualized protocols.
I have a special interest in whole food, plant based nutrition and have been a pescatarian for the last 10 years. I am passionate about cultivating sustainability, eating from the earth and minimalist consumption.
I wholeheartedly believe that eating is the most important thing we do everyday and should be viewed as daily self care. I am here to help people better their lives with whole foods, intentional eating and sustainable living.
I like to spend my time travelling, playing with my dog Paddington and running outdoors.


I feel so awesome Melanie, thank you so much for suggesting this eating plan to me. All weekend I’ve heard, “Wow Deb, you’re looking good, your complexion, alertness, the weight” It sounds so wonderful to hear it! And I haven’t felt this good in years, and I’m only 2 weeks in, I can’t even imagine how I’ll feel in two months and beyond! Simply amazing to me!- Debbie
I am 56 years old and feel young again! My first month I lost 15 lbs and feel great. Not only that I lost weight but I have no more hot flashes which has helped my sleep. My energy level has improved, I find I am a lot more relaxed and don't feel anxiety as before. I stopped taking my antacids and products to stabilize my blood sugar since I was hypoglycaemic. Melanie is a great coach and she makes time for me. This is very important.- Rina