Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance Program (Health history, laboratory blood testing, individualized meal plan, nutrition and accountability coaching) Programs start at $999.00

(Payment plans are available)

Consultation Option

$85.00 Metabolic Balance
  • MB Initial Consultation
  • Available In Person or Skype
  • 90 Minutes
  • Includes Health History, Bio Impedance Analysis & Measurements

Consultation Option

$135.00 Includes Live Cell Analysis
  • MB Initial Consultation + LCA
  • Available In Person Only
  • 120 Minutes
  • Includes Health History, Bio Impedance Analysis & Measurements

Body Composition Testing

(Bio Impedance Analysis)

Body Composition Testing (full)- 30 minute mini consultation  $55.00

Express Body Composition Testing $25.00*

Express Body Composition Package of 10 $220.00*

*special for lifetime members who achieved goal weight

Nutritional Live Cell Analysis

Initial Analysis

$95.00 90 Minutes
  • Health History
  • Live Blood Cell Analysis
  • Body Composition Testing

Follow Up Nutritional live cell analysis $55.00 (30 minutes)

Follow Up Nutritional live cell and body composition testing $75.00 (45 minutes)

Initial Youth Nutritional Live Cell Analysis (For children 16 & under) $80.00 (90 minutes)

Follow Up Youth Nutrition Live Cell $47.00 (30 minutes)

Infrared Sauna

FULL SPECTRUM Infrared Sauna Single Session $45.00 (30 minutes)

“Share the Love” Couple Session: $70 (30 Minutes)

Up to 8 sessions in one month: $89/Month

Up to 12 sessions in one month: $133/Month

One Month Unlimited: $178/Month

“Share the Love” Member Couple session: $25 for the non-member

Rubimed Energy Testing

Initial Rubimed

$95.00 75 Minutes
  • Initial Rubimed $95.00 (75 minutes)
  • Add optional Live Cell Analysis = additional $40
  • Add optional Body Composition Testing = additional $25

Follow Up Rubimed $55 (30 minutes)

Follow Up Rubimed with Live Cell Analysis $110

Follow Up Rubimed with Body Composition Testing $77

Corporate Lectures

Starting at $150.00

All prices do not include tax (HST)